Arillo in Terrabianca Winery Church garden

Church garden

Where: Radda in Chianti

When: 2022

Client: Arillo in Terrabianca Winery

An ancient church in the middle of a vineyard brought to light at the behest of the owner of the company. The request was to create an external space that represented the religious and meditative stillness that she herself had perceived the first time she found herself in that space. Thus was born a Mediterranean garden, sparse and apparently poor, where gravel paths and large boulders used as seats vaguely recall the Zen garden, an area of ​​tranquility par excellence. As a final wish of the patron of the winery, the work “Tocando el cielo” by the artist Mariela Garibay was positioned in the center of a perfect circle of lawn, to seal the sacredness of the place.